We support innovation that improves efficiency and reduces costs and that promotes financial inclusion and the democratisation of investing.

We know the current regulatory uncertainty around virtual assets presents challenges and roadblocks to those who strive to be best-in-class. We also know that as more jurisdictions move to regulate to promote DLT in their financial markets, the law will never be able to fully keep up with tech developments. We believe best-in-class fintech developers will thrive in a transparent regulated environment that protects investors, that has the flexibility to be future proof and that promotes further and continuing innovation. With so much regulatory uncertainty in this space, we are committed to supporting fintech developers deliver their business plans and whitepapers. This is why we are one of the first international law firms to receive a branch license in the AIFC, the world’s newest financial centre and a jurisdiction committed to providing a robust regulatory environment for fintech companies within an English common law framework.

What we look for in our Lawyers

Our lawyers range from mid-level to senior lawyers including specialist lawyers who are at the top of their fields. They have a range of private practice and in-house experience across a range of practices and industries. Our lawyers are highly motivated and entrepreneurial individuals who are“self-starters” and thrive in commercial environments. They possess sound business acumen and common sense - key attributes in senior lawyers. All of our lawyers undergo a rigorous interview and selection process.

Ongoing support by GPS

As GCRemote is a division of GPS, not only will clients have the right lawyers seconded or deployed into their organisation, but they also have the benefit of the following:
· access to the research and precedent data bases of GPS;
· back-up support of the partners and lawyers of GPS;
· oversight and supervision of a relationship manager.
When clients contract with GCRemote, they are contracting with GPS. For virtual and remote secondments, clients are covered by the professional indemnity insurance of GPS in respect of legal advice provided.


If you are a potential client, we would be pleased to provide you with a detailed consultation to discuss your legal needs and how we may benefit your organisation including identifying the most appropriate lawyer, method of delivery and fee structure.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


If you are an independent, motivated and experienced lawyer who is looking for a change from the traditional practice and experiences, please email us and we will provide you with details for the selection process.

Practise Areas

Private Equity Investments
Joint Ventures
Mergers & Acquisitions


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