New Energy & Hydrocarbons

GPS supports clients on international energy transactions involving new energy and hydrocarbons and is actively involved in the global transition towards a greener, more sustainable, and less carbon-intensive global economy.

Our lawyers have represented state owned entities, financial institutions, private equity firms, super majors, majors, public and private independents, project companies, and start-ups. Our strong working relationships with lawyers in key energy markets allows us to provide a seamless representation on cross-border issues arising out of energy transactions and projects.

We believe that legal support for energy clients can be delivered with price-certainty. We achieve this by carefully scoping and pricing our work at the outset to ensure clients capture the full value of our representation.

New Energy

We support clients acquiring and developing new energy assets, including in the following areas:

·    engineering, procurement and construction

·     land use rights

·     due diligence

·     mergers and acquisitions

·     joint ventures (including private equity investing)

·     power purchase agreements or offtake agreements

·     projects and developments

·     financing

·     alternative means funding and refinancing

·     operations and maintenance

·     asset management

·     intellectual property protection

·     contract enforcement

Energy Transitions

In collaboration with global efforts to decarbonise, we support the conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons industry during this transition in the following areas:

·     energy tech

·     mergers and acquisitions

·     sell and buy side auctions

·     equity and debt or reserve-based lending financing

·     equity joint ventures

·     operating agreements

·     liquified natural gas and liquified natural gas price reviews

·     unitization

·     area of mutual interest agreements

·     joint bidding or studies and seismic acquisitions

·     rig contracts

·     contract enforcement